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All Realty USA
102 units 1525 Sandy Lane, Mineral Wells 76112


 Ad #:93
 Market Status: Unsold/Available
 Listing Type: For Sale
 Price: $3 Per month
 Locality:Mineral Wells


 Age:39 years
 Land type:5.5 acres
 Bathrooms:1 1/2
 Closest town:Fort Worth
 School district:Fort Worth
 Closest College/University:University of Texas at Arlington
 Business type:Apartment Complex
 Services:will include my mineral rights for great offer


 BBQ area:Yes
 Central heating:Yes
 Air conditioning:Yes
 Close to shops:Yes
 Close to schools:Yes
 Pets allowed: Yes


102 Unit Apartment Complex in Fort Worth,Texas.  Loan interest rate is 5 3/4 % and is assumable. There is 4-5 years left on the loan. Great for a 1031 exchange.  Needs strong management.

 $3,500,000 or pay 1.7 million down and assume mortgage.

Contact Details
Richard W. Buck (Owner/Seller)
Phone: 719-268-1278
Mobile: 719-310-3720
Email: Contact seller