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Writing your ad Print E-mail

writing your property adWhen writing your ad remember:

A picture is worth a thousand words it is a proven fact that buyers view the ads with pictures and skip those without pictures

What price to sell Print E-mail

selling property

Getting the price of your property right is crucial. When deciding on the selling prices of your home consider the following:


Inside Out Print E-mail


Creating the right impression gets you the best price and brings buyers to your door.

Take a good look at the inside of your home. Is it clean no marks on the walls, stains on the carpet? Inspect the bathroom, kitchen and closets because you can be sure a potential buyer will. Get rid of the clutter organize those closets and cupboards they will look bigger and more appealing. First impressions do count. You should make sure that the bathroom and kitchen are spotless. A deep clean is essential for creating the right impression, once this is complete keep on top of it with a daily vacuum and dusting.

Getting rid of clutter and deep cleaning your home can add an extra $2,000.00 to your selling price.

Don’t Loose the Sale Print E-mail

Ten Easy Ways to Loose the Sale

1) Don’t Overprice Your Home

While it is tempting to see how much you can get for your home, it is important to be realistic. Research the price of similar homes in your neighborhood and price accordingly. Comparative information is critical in getting a house priced correctly. If you are using an agent to sell your home, get them to provide you with objective criteria for pricing. Remember if you overprice your home to much then have to drop the price considerably, potential buyers may shy away, wondering what is wrong with the property that you had to drop the price so much.

Adding Value Print E-mail

property values
Spending a thousand dollars on a home that is in good condition rarely results in a thousand dollar increase in the selling price.

If the home is in poor condition, making improvements can increase its value. First, consider the following:

How the cost of improvements translates into the selling price. Home improvements make sense if you can do them yourself but before you rush off and start make sure you know what you are doing, bad workmanship will reduce your homes value. If you do decide to make improvements making them to the kitchen and bathroom will add the most value.